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The l(1)T database containing the collection can be questionned using several traits.

  • Search Page
    • I.D. of mutant strains : l(1)T PL1 to PL100 or PG1 to PG169
    • Cytology : chromosome X cytological position was assigned from BLAST homologies with annotated D. melanogaster DNA sequence
    • DNA sequence analysis : can be assessed either with a gene or protein name, a CG or an AE number (examples : notch, thioredoxin, CG1405 or AE003441).
    • Expression Pattern : can be assessed using abbreviations listed in "Abbreviations Table".

  • Detail Page
    • Views of embryos, disks, ovarys or cuticles are not normally dimensionned and need to be opened for correct appreciation.
    • Respectively indicated in DNA sequence analysis box : strain ID, cytology, AE number, P insertion location in concerned AE, most proximal CG number, its name and function if known.
    • A click on the BDGP fly will lead you directly to the corresponding GADFLY gene annotation.
    • Expression pattern is abbreviated.
    • Smart print allows simultaneous printing of normal sized images , DNA sequence and other data.
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