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Strain ID: Name of strain. Valid search: PL1 to PL100 or PG1 to PG169
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PG finds 111 records. PG1 finds 74 records. PG11 finds 10 records (PG11, PG110 to PG119)
Cyto: chromosome X cytological position was assigned from BLAST homologies with annotated D. melanogaster DNA sequence.
Search all the records which begin with your search criteria:
2B finds 12 records wich begin with 2B. *2 finds 28 records which contain "2" (2B1-2, 8E10-12, 14F1-2)
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DNA sequence analysis: Valid search: gene or protein name, a CG or an AE number (examples : notch, thioredoxin, CG1405 or AE003441). CG: Valid search: CG or AE number
DNA sequence analysis:

Pattern Search: Valid search: see abbreviations code in the Abbreviation table.
Embryonic expression:

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For abbreviations code see:
Abbreviations table
LIII expression:
Ovarian expression:
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